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Vision and engaging talent are intrinsically connected to one another. 

They’re almost the same because without vision, you don’t get full engagement, and engagement really means that someone is all in with their heart, mind, soul and strength. It’s the essence of how they feel, how they think and how they communicate. 

To keep talent engaged, you need to clarify your vision. And when your vision is communicated well, your team will be committed to giving themselves to a higher purpose, because everyone wants to be part of something bigger than themselves. 

In this episode, Shelby Skrhak and Josh Ellis of SUCCESS Magazine talk to us about how a well-defined vision contributes to thriving digital marketing strategies.

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Takeaways from this Episode

  1. Produce good social media is content. The worst thing you want to see is someone trying to promote themselves or sell something. People want to connect with others and get information. 
  1. Be yourself on social media. Something that brands tend to do, especially leaders, is that they rely on their brand or company to run their social media accounts. People can tell when it’s a brand versus you contributing to it. Be transparent and offer authenticity.
  1. Understand the power of your brand. When we identify our biggest fans and learn how we can serve them and what they want, we can deliver our best.


Quotes from Josh and Shelby

Vision is the navigation of where you’re going, and when you’re going somewhere new, you’re going to need driving directions. You need that navigation to get there. 

– Shelby Skrhak

Successful people exhibit genuine interest in helping people, and improving communities and the world around them. They really care about a product because they believe it’s going to help people. Adding value to people is something that will make you successful over and over again.

– Josh Ellis

The most successful people are avid readers. They’re definitely constantly learning. They want to study new things. They want to challenge themselves to new skills and concepts they can open their minds to and get their hands on. 

– Shelby Skrhak


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