The Science of Improvement

What is a leader without the ability to generate meaningful improvements?

Leaders are responsible for creating improvement across every domain that they oversee. This includes their own personal growth, the growth of their teams and the people who work beneath them, the areas of business they control, the products they help create and sell, as well as contributing to the broader growth of the organization.

The Science of Improvement is the latest addition to Leadership University. In the new video and workbook module, I explain that I believe the biggest challenge that leaders face is something I call The Gap

The Gap is the distance between Where We Are Today and Where We Need To Be In The Future.

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Inexperienced or ineffective leaders tend to look at The Gap and consider what people and resources they will need to bridge The Gap. This approach is shortsighted -- it's a closed system. Look around and you'll see closed systems everywhere around you.

You will only get so far with the right team... even the best team's performance is limited by their current knowledge and abilities. Likewise, resources are finite, and often mismanaged. Closed systems are the result of overconfidence in the virtue of the current idea, the individual as he or she is now, the present capacities of the team, the accepted method.

The only way to successfully bridge The Gap and build sustaining improvement is by facilitating open systems. Open systems acknowledge that change is a necessary part of improvement. They look for new intelligence and new energy sources, and grow in strength and effectiveness as a result.

This module of Leadership University focuses on what it takes to build the kind of open systems that observe, adapt, learn and transform to deliver far-reaching improvements.

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