Launch Team

Will You Join My Launch Team?

I am so excited about my new book, The Power of the Other, to be released on May 3rd.

The book is about how no matter how in control we feel, the people in our lives have a powerful influence over our performance, our happiness and our outcomes.

I would love your help in spreading this message.

It turns out marketing a book is pretty tough. This isn’t new for me, but each time we do it, it’s like starting over. This time we’d like to try something new: we’re forming a Launch Team. You may not realize it, but you all are exactly the kind of people that can help make a book a success. That’s why we’re putting together a team.

What is a Launch Team?

A launch team is a group of people who all care about the outcome of a project, who can all join forces to contribute to making that thing a success. I realize I’m asking a lot here, even just by asking you for anything. If you’ve read my books and you want to see this thing really take off like we believe it can, we’ve got some specific tasks and jobs that we’ll ask you to do. Some big, some small. All important pieces of the puzzle of reaching a wider audience. We’re only able to select a small number to be on the launch team and would love it if you would consider helping us spread the word.

If you’re interested in applying to be part of the launch team, here’s what you can expect:

What We Will Ask You To Do:

  1. Posting about the book on your social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, etc).
  2. Posting about the book on your blog (but having a blog isn’t a requirement).
  3. Posting a review on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
  4. We’re open to any other creative ideas that any of you might have about how to grow awareness and share the message of this book and how it has impacted you.

What You Will Get In Return:

We don’t want this to be a one-sided deal. Your participation is so valued and appreciated. Here’s what you will receive in return:

  1. An early copy of the book!
  2. Access to a private Facebook group where the team will gather for updates, news, and team communication.
  3. Hopefully some surprising insight into the world of book marketing!

Are you in?

If interested, please fill out THIS FORM. Give us a week to collect the applications and pick the team. We will notify you (via email) if you are on the team!


Dr. Henry Cloud