11 Steps to Developing a Great Team

$ 1,100.00


In 11 Steps to Developing a Great Team, Dr. Henry Cloud will come alongside you, whether you're beginning a new team or resetting an existing one, to help align around the following:

  • Create and maintain high trust
  • Define the teams purpose & establish it's shared goals
  • Establish the values driven behaviors that will direct the team
  • Clarify each persons role & responsibility within the team
  • Determine the activities that will drive results
  • Agree upon team metrics & accountability practices
  • Become a team that quickly recalibrate and corrects

At the end of these 11 steps, the team is ready to go to work.  The process is comprehensive and proven over many years in Dr.Cloud's work within all sizes of organizations.  This virtual version givens an organization the opportunity to form or reboot a team in a personal, relational and flexible manner.