Leadership University - What Is Leadership? - Standalone Module

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What is Leadership?

PDF workbook and video

What is Leadership is is the first module of Leadership University, our new initiative to help people in organizations transform into the most effective leader they can be. This unit is the standalone offering of our Leadership University subscription product. Subscribers receive a huge discount and additional content, among other benefits. If you'd like to subscribe, click here.

Naturally, we're starting off by defining what exactly a Leader is. There's a common misconception that only C-Level executives or upper management should be thought of as leaders. But the truth is that anyone can and should develop their leadership skills. The workplace is a dynamic environment, and the ability to jump in to solve any challenge and achieve desired results requires leadership qualities.

Companies are teams. And within those teams, there are many smaller teams. These teams emerge and coalesce in response to organizational needs. Without proper leadership, it is nearly impossible to develop the right systems for addressing the daily and long-term challenges that you need to tackle in order to achieve your business objectives.

Understanding what a Leader looks like is a critical step toward making your organization more effective.

This module is composed of a workbook and video that will help you not only understand what a Leader looks like, but how to refine your leadership qualities, as well as to identify any gaps where you may need to focus on developing your abilities.

Leadership University was developed in response to a need that businesses and organizations have in common: closing the gaps in the leadership skills of their people. It is often the case that while they spend a lot of time, energy and resources on leadership development, there is a need for a comprehensive, simple and scalable way to get their leaders to the desired levels.

Leadership University is an online development path that closes these gaps by building the fundamental and most needed competencies that leaders need at all levels.  Through video, audio and curriculum materials, Dr. Cloud uses information, relationships and experiences to construct a leadership development path for each individual, driving leadership knowledge and skills, emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills.