Learning Happniess

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Do you find yourself feeling sad, demotivated, or just very blah from day to day?  Are you in an emotional rut?  Do you constantly think the grass is greener for other people, "the Jones's" have it all, or that if you just had more money you'd be a lot happier?

For countless people, happiness is an illusion.  Some think it's just beyond their reach.  Others may feel it's out of their control, they're the victim of their own circumstances.  However, research shows this isn't true... you can control how happy you feel every day.  It's not about circumstance, physical health, financial success, of even the people in your life.  Happiness is not what happens to you; it's who you are.  It's a decision and a process that anyone is capable of.  

Take part in Learning Happiness and enjoy a sense of well-being with the following audios!

Why Am I Not Happy?

In this 21 minute audio download, Dr. Cloud tells you how to face problems, overcome them, and build your own happiness no matter what life throws at you. Problems are inevitable. You can be an independent person who can turn any situation into an opportunity to learn and thrive. Learn how to make good choices that will shape how you feel about your life.

Finding What You Want and Love

In this 17 minute audio download Dr.Cloud speaks to finding your passion.  Have you found yourself just getting by doing what others expect from you?  Have you found yourself hating your job, or going through the motions in your personal life?  In this audio download Dr.Cloud speaks to the process on how to explore and truly find what you want out of life.  

Four Happiness Builders

In this 11 minute audio download Dr. Cloud outlines the four keys to happiness and how you can begin to build them into your life every day.