'Never Go Back' Introduction Workbook

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Never Go Back Introduction

This workbook is the introduction to a series of workbooks that were created to compliment my book, Never Go Back, which discusses 10 common mistakes that you should avoid making if you want to be a successful person. 

Setting your values in alignment with the objectives, tasks and expectations that life puts in front of you can be a little tough sometimes. After all, relationships and other group dynamics demand at least a small amount of compromise or flexibility. However, when you bend something too far, it's going to break.

Seems simple, right? And yet think of all the situations in your life where you had to learn the same lesson twice. Or three times. Or so many times you would never want to admit to it to another living soul.

The workbooks makes it simple to identify behaviors, patterns, goals and relationships that haven't worked, understand why they haven't worked, and give you a framework and actionable steps to face the problem the right way.