'Never Go Back' Workbook: Never Again Do Anything That Requires You To Be Someone You're Not

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Never Again: Do Anything That Requires You To Be Someone You're Not

You will do better in work, life, and relationships when you are acting in accord with who you truly are, versus trying to be someone you are not. Being who you truly are fuels performance in all realms.

Every single person will some day find themselves in a situation, possibly many situations, where they have to do something that just doesn’t ‘feel right’. Whether that something goes against your values, against your natural abilities, or just against your personal preferences, it’s an obstacle that can prevent you from doing good work. It’s de-energizing. It hurts your feeling of belonging. It leaves you feeling bad.

Almost everyone finds themselves in this situation over and over again. It is a major source of stress and unhappiness. Those feelings hurt your career, hurt your relationships, and make your life worse overall.

This workbook is about helping you identify those situations that de-energize you, so that you can instead focus on getting from a feeling ‘this is not me’ and ‘I don’t want to do that’, to the ‘this is me’ area where we experience optimal flow. You’ll gain the tools to reframe the difficult-to-complete tasks and unpleasant situations you have to face, by understanding whether they contribute to the bigger picture view of who you want to be.

With this new understanding, everything you do will become easier, feel more natural, and make you feel good… or you’ll eliminate it from your life. You’ll learn to deflect those draining activities and transform them into fuel to power your work, fix broken areas in your relationships and even improve your health.

This step is accompanied by a Bonus Video which adds context and offers further explanations to the action items in the workbook.