'Never Go Back' Workbook: Never Again Try To Change Another Person

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 Never Again: Try To Change Another Person

We can never take over another person’s freedom to choose. Once we understand this, we never go back to thinking we can. We get in touch with the way the universe is designed. People are not robots; they are free to choose what they want and what they will do and what they won’t do.

We waste an unbelievable amount of energy trying to change other people. We try to get them to want the things that we want, for themselves or for some shared cause. We try to persuade, convince, cajole, even manipulate… but it doesn’t work. You can’t change someone because you can never make choices for them.

At best, you can influence a person, but you can’t change who they are.

This is obvious. Everybody more or less knows this. But you wouldn’t know it by the way people act.

This workbook will give you the tools to go from a weak, defeatist position of trying to change others, to developing the skills to influence people to make better choices, so that you can be aligned toward the same goals and vision.