Relationship Red Flags - In The Office - Your Boss

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Success at work hinges upon having strong connections to the people we work with. Your relationship with your boss is one of the most important relationships in your life, and yet for many people, it can be one of the most awkward to navigate.

You perceive your boss as having an incredible amount of power over our wellbeing, and in some sense he or she does — the ability to provide for your yourself and your family is, in part, dependent upon your boss. You may also be giving your boss power over other areas of your life — how you feel about yourself, what you think about, your ability to plan for the future, whether you draw meaning and replenishing energy from your work.

We all thrive when we feel like we feel like we are doing well in life, and sometimes it can feel like your boss has all the power in that area.

Relationship Red Flags is a series of videos all about discovering the pain points in your relationships — the vulnerabilities that leave you susceptible to failure and pain — and catching them before they spin out of your control.

This series is about giving you the power to fix the relationships in your life. This edition of the series will help you rebalance your relationship with your boss. You will reframe your understanding of the amount of power they have over you, and recognize that you have all the power you need to shape your own future.

Work takes up a huge amount of our lives. It is often a major source of stress for many people, but it doesn’t have to be. Let us show you great you will feel and how far you can go when you take control over your own success at work.