White Board | Red Couch

$ 199.00


Leadership Isn’t Always Easy..

We all know that. And we all know the difficult situations and circumstances that we must face in our daily leadership.  

During these three hours of training, White Board | Red Couch will help you simplify and even give you a map for dealing with specific challenges of everyday leading. 

We often overcomplicate and sometimes even avoid these challenging scenarios.  The difference between successful leaders and those who aren’t is that successful leaders quickly diagnose and effectively deal with these difficult situations. Not asking these tough questions, not making these challenging decisions, and not having these painful conversations are actually the very things that can hold us back as leaders.

 Some of the topics addressed are:

- What's it  Like to Be Led By You
- When is it Time to Call it Quits
- The Wake
- Pruning
- Learning From Failure
- The No Fly Zone
- People Problems
- Different People, Different Strategies
- How to Measure Success
- Leading People in Context
- Integrated Character
- Determining the End
- Developing the Leaders Around You
- Consequences & Limits


In this unique delivery, Dr. Henry Cloud uses the white board to discuss the concept of each of the topics. The red couch serves as a place where Dr. Cloud gives practical advice to help you and your teams gain focus and to aid in the execution of some of the most perplexing situations with people and strategies. Our hope is that this resource will help you and your team simplify the complicated, and encourage you to see the positive results of entering into these difficult places. 




 "White Board | Red Couch is an incredible video series.  I have used this series extensively, great applicable materials in my world of HR. 

- John | Orlando, FL