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Lauren Pipher: Accountability & Adaptation – #004 Lead U

Challenge A lot of times, we don’t have a positive adaptation of accountability.

Solution Accountability is an answer to trust. It’s a way of getting better, getting clarity and knowing what you’re going to measure.

A lot of times, we don’t have a positive adaptation of accountability. Based on our experiences and the experiences others have had, we get defensive when we hear it and when we receive it, so it must be given with respect. Accountability can be a positive thing, and it’s important in terms of helping us get to where we want to be in leadership or life.

Accountability is an answer to trust. It’s a way of getting better, getting clarity and knowing what you’re going to measure. It’s not about making someone feel bad. It’s taking the initiative to be solutions-oriented and looking ahead to the future.

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Lauren Pipher 

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Takeaways from this Episode

Take a minute to breathe. Look at what you can control and what you can’t control. Take a step back. Before your thoughts get away with you, make an effort to clear your mind and slow it down before you respond. 

Ask for help from those around you. It takes trust. Know what your team’s strengths and weaknesses are so you can make cohesive decision for the best result.

Respect yourself and respect others. Consider the priorities. Is there something that is important to someone that we have not yet touched upon? Or is there something bothering someone that’s lying underneath this issue that’s causing a roadblock that hasn’t been considered?

Accept failure. Failure is part of it. Accept it. Own it. Apologize when you need to and do the right thing when something goes. The most telling thing about a person is how they respond when something goes wrong.

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Lauren Pipher, or 'LDP' to friends, has spent her career moving from one fast-paced role to the next. Her specialty is in the business of people; both networking and interpersonal relationships. Starting out in her family business of real estate, she worked as a member of a nationally-ranked sales team at Prudential Douglas Elliman, negotiating some of the highest priced-per-square-foot deals in New York City.

Following that, she spent two years looking after Public Relations and Marketing at fashion brand rag & bone, planning events, managing press and producing fashion shows around the world. From there, she moved a little higher (literally), and began managing Astronaut Relations for Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic, where she sold tickets to outer space. Nowadays, you can find her at tech giant Uber, where she handles global business challenges as a leading member of External Affairs.

Lauren calls New York City home, but was raised in Delray Beach, FL and considers herself a true "beach-city hybrid." With a non-stop work and personal travel schedule, she' always has her passport in hand.

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