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Gayle Laakmann McDowell: Cracking the Code of the Job Interview – #011 Lead U

Challenge The interview process offers a limited scope of employers, job candidates and company cultures. How do you know if you’re hiring the right person, or if the job is a fit for you?

Solution Since the job market has changed over the past several years, not only does it matter about what you ask, but how to ask about character, competency and chemistry as it relates to the company and the person you’re talking to.

We forget that how a piece of a person is glued together is the character structure that makes things succeed or fail. Integrity means to be integrated or whole, and what an interviewer needs to look for isn’t just about an IQ or talent. Look at someone who comes to the table with the whole deck of cards in all ways it’s related to the business and the personal and interpersonal sides of things that help people win. And remember the three Cs – Character, Chemistry Competency.

Guest Links 

Gayle Laakmann McDowell 

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Takeaways from this Episode

  1. Be prepared to talk about yourself. Interviews can be really specific, and if you prepare, you can answer the questions that start with, “Tell me about a time …” So, thoroughly consider your strengths and weaknesses, and gear your answers toward what that position looks for.
  2. Don’t lie in an interview. It becomes problematic when someone says, “Well, it’s just an interview.” Because then it’s always “just something else. It’s not about what’s strategically best; it’s about who you want to be, because it’s beneficial to be the person who’s really honest. People will trust you more.
  3. As an interviewer, challenge the conclusions you come to. Don’t look into someone’s answers too much; you could misinterpret their intentions and look past what they could bring to your team.

Quotes from Gayle 

Ultimately, your job in the interview is not to answer the questions being asked. Your job in the interview is to communicate that you have the right skills and attributes that the interviewer is asking for. 

Interviewers are just people.

Everyone’s trustworthy when they’re willing to say good stuff about themselves. Where people show trustworthiness, where it’s actually interesting whether or not the person is trustworthy, is when they say bad things about themselves, or when bad things happen. That’s when trust matters. 

I don’t think interviewing is 50-50. I think you have to get an offer for any of your perspective to really matter.

Some of the best opportunities we’ve had in life were not predicted.

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