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Jack Bedwani: How to Embrace and Maintain the Authenticity of Your Identity – #015 Lead U

Challenge Businesses want to connect with their consumers, but their strategies need to adapt to reach new audiences.

Solution Consumers are exposed to more ads as their media consumption increases, but younger generations appreciate authenticity expressed in a brand’s identity.

We have relationships in our work and in our life that either fuel us or they drain us, and if you’ve read The Power of The Other, Corner Four relationships are those we have our deepest connection with. They’re the people we value the most because they’re the relationships that generate a mutual investment.

Your brain runs on neurotransmitters, and there are chemicals that produce high performance and chemicals that produce low performance. They fuel thinking, goal orientation and emotional function. So think about this: Who gives you energy, and what dynamics give you energy? And what’s on the side of that? Who drains it? Managing your energy is an important thing because it’s literally what gets you up in the morning.

In this episode, Jack Bedwani emphasizes the value of getting into the hearts of the people you influence and how demonstrating authenticity expressing empathy are keys to building relationships with those on your team and people you’re trying to reach.

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Takeaways from this Episode

1. Emphasize authenticity. Get into the hearts of your consumer before your product reaches their hands. Millennials care about more than just the functionality of a product. They want to feel connected and have a relationship with a brand because it ultimately represents part of who they are.
2. Get an understanding of the problem you want to solve. When you can identify the problem, you’ve managed half the battle. And to start solving that problem, you can express empathy, build an advocacy and work toward a common goal to resolve the issue.
3. Encourage employees to explore their passion point. You need to be in the hearts and minds of our customer, so by allowing your employees to explore the things that they love, it encourages them to understand the consumers you’re trying to reach.
4. Have your team work on a personal development plan. Ask them, “How do I want to grow this year?” Jack says he sets aside a budget to help his people on his grow further their personal development because he knows that he’ll get more from them in return, and it’s worth the investment.

Quotes from Jack

We believe in communication, transparency and fun … We’re not launching rockets, and we’re not saving lives, so if we’re not having fun, then really, what’s the point?

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