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Dr. Henry Cloud: The Wake You Leave Behind – #005 Lead U

Challenge Leaders aren’t always aware of the effects of their influence.

Solution Leadership comes down to results and relationships.

When you talk about someone of great virtue, they’re a force for good. What we find with great leaders and great successes is that when they move through a company, move through a department or move through an industry, they’re like a force that leaves a wake behind them. Successful people are the ones who leave a lot of good things in your wake. 

What kind of wake are you leaving? If you could look at all the leadership research that’s ever been done, it’s going to come down to two big piles. One side is going to be results, and the other side is going to be relationships. When a leader moves through a company, they leave a wake behind them in those two areas, and people are better off for having been in their wake.

Now, go a step further. Ask those you communicate with, “What’s it like to be on the other side of me in the area of results and the area of relationships?”

Links Mentioned in this Episode

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Questions featured in this Episode

In this episode of The Leadership University Podcast, Dr. Henry Cloud answers some of the questions you’ve submitted to our team.

1. What is the shape of the perfect leader, and does he or she exist?

2. Does every manager need to be a leader?

3. You say anyone can be a leader. Aren’t there people whose traits make them unfit to be a leader?

4. Is it possible to lead when you’re not the boss?

5. What’s the worst fault a leader can have?

Quotes from this Episode

Success is not always related to talent or brains. 

–Chris paraphrasing Dr. Cloud

There’s a difference between something that can be fixed vs. something that’s unchangeable.  

–Dr. Cloud

I have a lot of hope for people, and I love to see them grow. 

–Dr. Cloud

A manager makes sure things are done right. A leader makes sure the right things are done.

–Dr. Cloud quoting Peter Drucker

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